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Integrated Imaging is one of the nations most respected and trusted film and video transfer labs. We have been transferring film since 1987 in Wyoming’s scenic North Platte River valley. We offer clean, safe and professional film and video transfer services at reasonable prices.

Upon arrival your job is inspected, sorted and assigned a unique identification number to insure accuracy. You are then sent an email so you know that your order has arrived. We pride ourselves in the accuracy and efficiency of our highly trained technicians, who will ship your order in 5 business days or less after arrival (restrictions apply)*.


  • Home Movies Converted to DVD, Blu-ray, or digital files

    You will love our film transfer services since Integrated Imaging has been converting 8mm, Super 8, and 16mm movie film since 1987. Many things have changed over the years, and we have changed with them. Constantly updating our equipment to reflect improvements in technology. Over the years we have perfected the art and science of film transfers with equipment specifically set up for home movie film. We can convert film at any speed and with any audio tracks, including optical audio on 16mm and Super 8, and Magnetic audio on Regular 8mm, Double 8, Super 8 and 16mm. Transfers are full digital and we can accommodate any file requirements that you have with output on DVD, Blu-ray, tape, Hard drive, Flash Drive or SD cards. Try our Online Video Transfer Price Estimator and get an idea of the cost of transferring your home movies onto a video format

  • Most video tape formats converted to DVD, Blu-ray, or digital files

    You may have a hard time throwing us a curve ball when it comes to video conversions. Having been in the video business for almost 30 years we have the equipment to convert almost any video format to anything that you require. We even have a room that we call the "Old equipment graveyard" that contains equipment that has long been upgraded and is still in excellent repair that allows us to accommodate almost anything that you come across.

  • DVD and CD Duplication

    We can duplicate your DVDs and CDs as well. We print the surface of the media in full color, and on larger orders will use art that you supply. We also can print case labels and package the discs in Amray style cases, clear clam shells or paper sleeves.

  • Audio conversions from most formats to CD or digital file

    Audio conversions are another specialty of ours, we have equipment for everything from wire recordings to micro cassettes. Most conversions are to audio CD, but you can request them on any medium that you require.

  • Photo and Slide scanning and restorations

    You will love our film and print scans. The medium is individually scanned, color corrected, and corrected for excellent scans that can be enlarged to 16X20 inches. We have no limit on what we can scan, any size transparency or print can be scanned, but there is an additional fee for media over 8.5X11 inches. The scanning resolution is determined by the size of the original print or slide, but can be scanned at up to 12000 dpi.

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
Got back my films and the VHS tape. It turned out great
My parents were so happy to get see them again
Thanks so much
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