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Integrated Imaging began operating in 1986 as a wholesale lab serving one hour photo labs and mini labs in the Rocky Mountain region.
  • Our specialties are:
    • Film transfers, (8mm, super 8, and 16mm home movies converted to video tape or DVD.)
    • Video tapes converted to DVD
    • Video tape duplicating
    • DVD duplicating
    • CD duplicating
    • Audio tape duplicating
Integrated Imaging no longer operates a retail shop in Casper, Wyoming, Local customers should drop off film at Mountain States Lithographing ~ 133 South McKinley Street, Casper, WY 82601.

At Integrated Imaging we strive for the best quality, and stay abreast of technological advances that effect the quality of your families treasured memories.

Email: info@iilabs.com

Second Street in Casper Integrated Imaging building Integrated Imaging Photo  Copyright 2006 all rights reserved
Second Street in Casper
Casper the Little City on the High Plains, Casper Events Center" Casper Mountain in the background, North Platte River in the foreground. Integrated Imaging Photo  Copyright 2006 all rights reserved
Casper Wyoming is on the High Plains
Downtown Casper from the "Casper Events Center" Casper Mountain in the background, North Platte River in the foreground.

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
Hi - Jim Kar.... here -

I just received my package of 8 mm film transfer to video and opened it with great expectations - I watched only the first few minutes and I am happy to report that this is marvelous!!!! I want to thank you folks because I know what this is going to mean to my mom who turned 87 two days ago. If the rest of the tapes appear as the first few minutes it means only one thing I'M BACK IN THE WILL!!!!!! Again thanks very much for your service and future service!!
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