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Home Movies Converted to DVD and Video Tape

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All of our film to DVD transfer units are true air optical multiplexers. What this means to you is that your home movie films are projected directly onto the CCD pickups of the 3 chip digital film transfer cameras. This gives you the brightest, clearest and most colorful video transfer available anywhere. We also use the finest telecine projectors for flicker free film transfers. These film conversion systems are far superior to most systems. Our technique utilize 3 chip cameras for outstanding color balance and saturation.

We use only top quality, professional grade DVDs and video tapes. We record your film in the highest quality video modes. All of your original films will be returned with your order, cleaned and lubricated, so they are returned to you in better shape then when we receive them.

We transfer the following film:

  • Regular 8 silent
  • Regular 8 with sound (rare)
    • With audio stripe on the film, next to the sprocket holes. There is a $75.00 surcharge for each original tape or DVD with this type of audio. This is in addition to other audio charges.
  • Super 8 silent, and optical or magnetic audio
    • we can transfer 1 or 2 track audio.
    • 2 track audio will be retained. You must request 2 track audio on your order form so we are aware of the second track. There is a $75.00 surcharge for each original tape or DVD with 2 track audio or with optical audio. This is in addition to other audio charges.
  • 16mm silent
  • 16mm sound
    • We can transfer both magnetic and optical sound.
  • 16mm Movies on Cores
  • Prints and Slides
  • Films in Cartridges:
    • Some movie films are in self-contained cartridges. We can transfer these; however, you will be charged $5.00 for each reel . These reels are broken open and. Your films will be put on regular movie film reels and returned back to you with your completed order.

See our Ordering Information Page for more information or download an order form now. Or use our Online Video Transfer Price Estimator and get an idea of the cost of transferring your home movies onto a video format

If you have sent a job to Integrated and we have sent you a quote, you can pay via our secure server for faster service.

film reel
Prints & Slides
& Video Tapes
video tapes
Transferred to
DVD and Tape

small dvd
small dvd
Video Transfer Fees
Transfer Sample 2 MB
How many feet are on a reel?
Film Transfer Type Projection Speed Maximum Per Hour Price Minimum Charge
Regular 8mm
silent and some audio formats
16/18 frames per second Approximately
850 feet
$.25 per foot
(plus original format & creation charge)
(for all film, prints, and slides sent, does not include original tape or DVD creation charge.)
Super 8mm
sound or silent
18/24 FPS Approximately
1000 feet
$.25 per foot
(plus original format & creation charge)
16mm Movie sound or silent (optical or magnetic audio) 12/16/18/24 FPS Approximately
1600 feet at 18 FPS
$.25 per foot
(plus original format & creation charge)
Prints & Slides 5 to 10 seconds on screen each Approximately
$2.50 each
Format Change Charge A format change charge is required when switching from one format to another and then back again. i.e. 16mm to 8mm and back to 16mm would incur 1 format change charge. $5.00 each
Hidden Charges: There are no hidden charges, we fix incorrectly wound reels, repair broken splices and film, and clean your films at no additional charge.
Additional Charges
Audio added to your film transfer Our audio tracks or audio from your movies. $20.00 per video tape or DVD original that requires audio. Customer Provided music 2.00 per minute. $20.00 minimum charge, you can use the estimator to figure the approximate time. (For personal use only)
Titles Opening titles are included at no additional charge interior titles are $5.00 each. (The opening title is the first thing on the video tape or DVD) 50 characters per title. If you need more then 50 characters, they are charged at $5.00 per 50, with no limits.
Blank Original Video Tape or DVD Creation Charge
(click on the name for more information)
this is in addition to the film transfer fee
Run Time
Recorded DVD $49.95 additional copies $14.95 Each.
Click for Multiple Dupe Prices.
1 hour
Computer Mastered DVD $150.00 additional copies $14.95 Each.
Click for Multiple Dupe Prices.
1 hour
MiniDV $14.95 1 hour
Flash Drive $75.00 Per hour
DVCAM $79.95 1 hour
Digital8 $14.95 1 hour
Recorded DVD Dupe from any Video Tape, MiniDV & Digital8 will produce Recorded DVDs of the highest quality. First copy from film transfer originals are $49.95, additional copies from the same DVD are $14.95. Click for Multiple Dupe Prices.
Note: if you would like a 2 hour DVD, order an SVHS original, and a DVD duplicate. This will lower the DVD quality slightly, due to the analog original and the higher mpeg compression. If you want a VHS copy, order a VHS dupe as well. We do not recommend a VHS original, with DVD dupes. For highest quality, order DVD originals and video tape duplicates, you will be limited to 1 hour per original and duplicate, but the quality gained is worth the extra cost. This is highest quality due to the fact that we then do a high quality DV video transfer, and all DVDs, and duplicate video tapes are recorded or mastered from that source, in essence making all of your video tapes original quality.
Video Duplication Charges
We will not duplicate any copyrighted materials, and will charge return shipping, so do not send any.
Service Comments Price miscellaneous
Recorded DVD Dupe from any Video Tape 2 hour maximum First copy from VHS, SVHS, VHSC, Beta, MiniDV, DVCAM, Video8, Hi8 and Digital8 tapes are $29.95, additional copies from the same DVD are $14.95. Click for Multiple Dupe Prices
VHS / SVHS / VHSC to VHS Duplicate   $19.95 up to 2 hours over 2 hours add $5.00 per additional hour
8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, DVCAM, DVD, DVHS Original to VHS   $29.95  
Duplicates to other then VHS MiniDV to MiniDV
Digital 8 to SVHS etc.
Standards Conversions
NTSC VHS to any foreign format - 2 hour VHS $29.95 We cannot process French SECAM-L
Standards Conversions
Foreign VHS formats to NTSC - 2 hour VHS $29.95 We cannot process French SECAM-L

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Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:

WOW! I received my four Digital8 tapes of 3500 feet of film transfer job. The focus is great and color is just fantastic even on those old 8mm films from the 1940s. This was my third job-set you have done for me and the work has really been nice. I previously tried submitting samples for film transfer to two different local Professional companies here in Cincinnati who have been in the business for twenty years and the results were disappointing, i.e., poor focus and clarity, uneven lighting of frames, washed out color, and significantly more jitter in the motion. I will be submitting another set of work sometime soon. What is it that sets your process apart? Also, I'm curious, was the Super 8 format inferior to regular 8.....it just seems like regular 8 mm has fewer bouts of jitter and better color saturation. From the last set of video transfers I was able to produce two hour-long DVDs of memories from the 50s-70s adding background tracks of my families' favorite tunes from those time periods. We watched these at a recent family reunion. It really was special, and I want to thanks you guys again for your creative work.


Jeffrey Adams
Amelia, OH
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