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Buhl Optical Multiplexer

The Multiplexer
We use "Buhl mobile multiplexers", and "Buhl Tyrone multiplexers" for the highest quality video transfers available.

Mobil Multiplexer

Buhl optical systems form an intermediate "aerial" image from one of the source projectors. The television camera "looks" at this image in mid air, creating the brightest and most colorful image possible.

Optical Path
Optical Path
Explanation of Field Lens and Rear Projection Screen

Illustration A shows that without a field lens or a screen at the image plane, only the light coming through the very center of the image gets into the camera lens. The corners are not illuminated. Only a small circular field is visible.

Illustration B shows that when the image is projected onto a rear projection screen, it can be seen by the unassisted eye as well as the video camera, but there is considerable light loss due to the screen's bend angle. Image quality is lost due to grain in the rear projection screen

Illustration C shows that a field lens located at the aerial image directs light from all parts of the field lens into a small circle. When the camera lens is placed at this circle, the entire field is illuminated. This is the system we use for the highest quality image.

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
I received the video transfer of my films last weekend, and I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a good job. I was especially pleased and surprised that you color-corrected one of the films. The film was tinted pink during the original processing back in 1984 and I have NEVER seen it with proper coloration--until now.

Thanks a lot for the speedy and excellent service.

-David Ellis
North Carolina
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