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Description of the CVV Code

CVV stands for "Card Verification Value" the CVV code is an additional 3 or 4 digit security number that is printed (not embossed) on a credit card. The CVV code can only be found on the card itself and nowhere else, not on your card statements, and the CVV Code is never imprinted on credit card receipts. This means that the person requesting the transaction must have (or have had) the card in their hands. Requiring that a card transaction is validated with the CVV code provides good protection against fraudulent use of a card number that has been obtained without permission or that has simply been guessed. It protects you against other people trying to use your card number fraudulently. The CVV Code is not your PIN number, but a security code designed to make sure you are holding the card. You will find this number displayed on your your credit card in the location illustrated below:

American Express
Discover, Mastercard, Visa

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
Congratulations and thank you! The work you did on the "Modular Revolution" film was extraordinary. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your attention to detail.

Len G.
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