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DVCAM Tape Format


DVCAM is Sony's professional DV format, recording at 530 video lines. It competes with Panasonic's DVCPro and JVC's MiniDV Format. The video quality of these 3 formats is the same, but DVCAM and DVCPro have different track pitches and extended timecode capabilities.

MiniDV has a narrower video track, so you are more likely to have problems playing the same tape on different machines. The wider tracks of DVCAM make tracking easier and provide for better tape handling.

The primary advantage of DVCAM is apparent when moving tapes from one deck to another, and when useing them in a linear editing environment. You will need a full sized DVCAM deck to play these tapes back.


Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
I received your transfer of our old Standard and Super 8 movies to DV tape. It looks great. The clarity and color is vastly better than the VHS transfer we had done some years ago. I will recommend your service to others.
Thank you!

Ron Hirsch
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