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Computer Mastered DVDs ~ Film to DVD

We offer you 2 unique DVD services, one is DVD mastering, the other is DVD recording. Both are excellent quality. A mastered DVD is the higher quality option. Both in the encoding process, and DVD content creation.

The main difference between a Recorded and Mastered DVD is in the internal disc navigation. The Mastered DVD has an interactive disc menu that you can specify, with links to specific subject matter. For example, if you have your films organized by year, you can select "1962" from the interactive menu, and go to that years film. You can also organize by events or anything else that you wish.

The mastering process starts with the video capture either from your video tapes or the cameras on the film transfer chains. The video is captured at full quality, low compression DV video, to our computer drives. We then assemble the video, add titles, correct film speed issues, add audio, remove blank spots, and anything else the client needs. Also at this point we mark the chapters for the DVD. Next is the encoding process. The video is encoded into MPEG2 format using the variable bit rate process. The audio is encoded to AC-3 (Dolby Digital Audio) format, in full stereo or even surround sound. A custom menu page is created in Photoshop with links to chapters as needed. The whole DVD is then brought together in a program called DVD Studio Pro. This software supports all the features that a DVD supports, so the sky is the limit here. The DVD is then multiplexed and burned on high end DVD burners, and on the DVD-R medium recommended for the burner. We can record up to 90 minutes on a Mastered DVD-R at the best quality. We cut no corners here. In short our best equipment and personnel are employed on your DVD project. You will love them for many years to come and they will surely become family heirlooms, since the DVD-R discs are archive rated at over 100 years.

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
Thank YOU!!!! Very pleased with your service--will recommend it to anyone who is looking to transfer old 8 millimeter movies to digital.

Pamela H.
Law Offices of Pamela H.
Chicago IL
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