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Film Format Change Charge

What is a format change charge?
We must charge a fee to switch back and forth between formats. For example "regular 8, then super 8, then regular 8 again would incur a format change charge. To avoid this, keep all of your regular 8, super 8 and 16mm together in the transfer sequence. For example you can transfer a few 8mm reels, then your super 8 reels, then some16mm, even add some prints to the end without incurring this charge.
This is usually not a problem since most people shot regular 8mm film for a few years then upgraded to a super 8 camera. Prints and slides can also be added to your transfer, but a format change charge will be added if you put a few slides on the beginning of the video then add a few at the end.

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
it's been a month or so since I got the tapes back with the 8mm films I sent you for conversion. It' took that long for me to crawl into the attic and find my super-vhs recorder in order to play back the tapes..... But WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to state right here that your company's handling and processing of these films, some dating back to 1942!!,Was exemplary! Although some were just barely watchable due to emulsion fade after all these years, no fault of yours, that was to be expected for a few of the films, what your process pulled out of these old 8mm worn and faded films is literally incredible!! The color correction to most of the color films made them seem like they were shot yesterday, even though they dated back to the mid 40's. No mean feat!! And the transfer to Super Vhs was flawless! My heartfelt thanks to all of you and your technicians on a job very well done!!

Gerard Masters
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