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Prints & Slides to Video and DVD

The Transfer
Slides and prints are first scanned on a high end scanner at the proper resolution. Using a high end scanner is important since they allow the user to capture the whole dynamic range of the prints and slides, we use an Agfa Duoscan HD for this reason. The resulting images are then cleaned, sharpened, and color corrected. We then lay the images out in a video timeline using a digital video program (Final Cut Pro). There we put them in the order that you specify, add transitions, music or your audio. If you send audio, you can also specify the timing of the pictures to the audio for just the look and sound that you desire. We then bring it all together on a video tape or DVD for you. You can send audio on CDs and/or audio cassettes, music, even your own commentary can be added for that special touch.

Prints to Video

Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
Hello Ken:
Just to let you know that we received the DVD's from our 8mm film and the quality was excellent. You guys really did a great job! My wife is interested in an aditional copy. How much would another DVD copy cost? To make a DVD copy, would you need the DVD or the mini-DVD returned? Also, if we wanted music added (your choice) how much extra would that be? Please let me know.
Mario E. Cainas
Tampa, Florida
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