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Recorded Video DVDs ~ Film to DVD

We offer you 2 unique DVD services, one is DVD recording, the other is DVD mastering. Both are excellent quality. A Recorded DVD is a lower cost option that has the same video quality as a Mastered DVD without the interactive menu, but is very clean and professional. For our Recorded DVDs we use Pioneer PRV model professional DVD recorders for consistent excellent quality DVD-R creation. Recorded DVDs are then verified, labeled (face printed and case labels printed), and packaged in full sized DVD cases

A recorded DVD is simply a DVD recorded directly from your source material, either a video tape, a film transfer directly, film transfers that are recorded on a hard drive recorder or a computer hard drive, or a film transfer that has been recorded on a video tape. In the latter case it is recommended that a MiniDV or Digital8 master be made from your film, then the DVD recorded from that. We will record a DVD from VHS or SVHS film transfers if you wish, however the quality lost is usually not be worth any savings. Chapters are automatically placed every 5 or 10 minutes on the DVD. We can record either 60 minutes for the highest quality, or 120 minutes at lower quality (for converting VHS to DVD). You will love your DVDs for many years to come and they will surely become family heirlooms, since the DVD-R discs are archive rated at over 100 years.

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Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
Dear Ken:

Just a note to thank you and your colleagues for all of your help in transfering old family movies to digital 8 and VHS formats. The transfers and the original film arrived here well packed an intact. And the results were far better than I anticipated or expected. While the project has proved that my grandfather was no D. W. Griffith, the footage recovered and preserved contains many images of family members who are no longer with us, and there are many pleasant and interesting surprises in the content. Much of the footage is from the Great Depression, and the content choices and attitude of the cinemagrapher are a story in themselves: a reflection of that basic optimisim and affection for family that is pecularly American and refreshing to this member of the Me Generation!! Prior to my first viewing, no one had seen these images for over 50 years!! Now, I have to transfer all of this into the computer in DV format, as I have siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and parents who are very interested in having access to the material!!

So, thanks again to each of your colleagues who handled this project with such care and attention to detail!

James A. W.
Winchester, MA
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