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Slides and Prints to Video Tape and DVD
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Slides and prints are first scanned at the proper resolution, they are then cleaned, sharpened, and color corrected. We lay the images out in a video timeline using a digital video program, add transitions, music or your audio, then bring it all together on a video tape or DVD for you. You can send audio on CDs or audio cassettes, music, even your own commentary can be added for that special touch. You will also receive a CD with jpeg files of each image sent.

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Print and Slide Transfer Fees
Prints & Slides 5 to 10 seconds on screen each Approximately
500 per hour
$2.50 each
Additional Charges
Audio added to video
our audio tracks or audio from movie. $20.00 per tape Customer Provided music 2.00 per minute. $20.00 Min., You can use the estimator to figure the approximate time. (For personal use only)
Titles Opening titles are included at no additional charge

Additional titles are $5.00 each

50 characters per title. If you need more then 50 characters, they are charged at $5.00 per 50, with no limits.
Blank Original Video Tape or DVD Setup and Creation Charge Price
this is in addition to the print transfer fee
Run Time
MiniDV $14.95 1 hour
Mastered DVD $150.00 additional copies $14.95 Each. If you need 10 or more, call or email info@iilabs.com for volume pricing. 1 hour
Recorded DVD $49.95 additional copies $14.95 Each. If you need 10 or more, call or email info@iilabs.com for volume pricing. 1 hour
VHS $29.95 2 hours
SVHS $49.95 2 hours
DVHS $49.95 2.5 Hours
Hi8 $49.95 2 hours
Digital8 $14.95 1 hour

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Unsolicited Customer Testimonial:
Dear Ken:

Just a note to thank you and your colleagues for all of your help in transfering old family movies to digital 8 and VHS formats. The transfers and the original film arrived here well packed an intact. And the results were far better than I anticipated or expected. While the project has proved that my grandfather was no D. W. Griffith, the footage recovered and preserved contains many images of family members who are no longer with us, and there are many pleasant and interesting surprises in the content. Much of the footage is from the Great Depression, and the content choices and attitude of the cinemagrapher are a story in themselves: a reflection of that basic optimisim and affection for family that is pecularly American and refreshing to this member of the Me Generation!! Prior to my first viewing, no one had seen these images for over 50 years!! Now, I have to transfer all of this into the computer in DV format, as I have siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and parents who are very interested in having access to the material!!

So, thanks again to each of your colleagues who handled this project with such care and attention to detail!

James A. W.
Winchester, MA
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