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Unsolicited Customer Testimonials
A heartfelt thanks to all our customers
(Some information has been removed to protect the privacy of our customers)

Here is a list of a few of our corporate clients:


I have six rolls of 16mm film and 6 rolls of sound reel..... they were filmed in 1937.... would you put them together on one dvd (film+sound) or would you record the sound seperately?? It looks like the reels are numbered..

You have done such a wonderful job for me before with the old 30's movies that I thought I'd try you first...

Thanks in advance

Stefanie Steinkraus
Thank you for doing such a speedy professional job: reel to reel audio tapes, old 16mm film and 33rpm records! I am sooooo pleased with these - they are over 55 years old and came out great! Thank you!
Linda Siebold
Hello from Ron Petersen
re: Toscani Imaging 1953 to 1974

We JUST LOVE IT!!!!!!!
It is wonderful.
the family loves it too. and we want to ORDER 6 more copies

how do we do this.. i think you said it was $40. per order (4 dvd in each box)

thank you and hoping that you can get this to us ASAP...as the whole family wants
to take our original

Ron and Jan (toscani) Petersen
Pruitt Letter
Re:  Order #002627  (Kenneth E. Fowler)

We just wanted to let you know we received our order in perfect condition.

Also, we are thrilled with the work you did on our film transfer.
You corrected so many problems on the film.  The DVD is really good. You made it possible to view many photos that we could not even see, earlier.

Thanks again.

Cherrylog, GA
Thanks for your email. I'm relieved they arrived ok in the Christmas rush. My wife if very concerned about several of those reels as they have the birth of our eldest daughter on them. Thanks for taking good care of them. I was very pleased with the first batch I sent you so figured I could trust you with these more sensitive ones!

Bostonian Letter

I just wanted to let you know that I did receive the converted film and it
is exactly as requested and you clearly did a great job on shooting the
film. I appreciate the great job you did and how easy it was to work with
you. I apologize for taking so long to respond, my wife and I had twins
earlier this year and I have never seen time pass so quickly.

Thanks again,

Jeff Waggoner
Morrow Letter

Thanks for the last set of tapes you converted for me. I was able to view them along with my family on memorial day, they turned out great! This is another set and am looking forward to viewing them as soon as they're complete. Please send me an e mail with the total cost and I will send the payment.

William Bettis
I received the DVD's today. That was very quick. I have already looked at several films that were transferred and I'm very happy with the service. You guys are really good at what you do. Thanks a lot!

Mark Pride
Sugar Land, TX
Mailed a box of movies to you yesterday. One batch is the "WONDER YEARS" and I am not sure if the other is. If you did not receive the instructions, name it Brad and Peggy.

I want to complement you on the work done on the "MOON FAMILY HISTORY". Given that the films start in 1939 and ran into the 50's, you did an excellent job of recording them to video. Some of them were very difficult to see in the original format, but you brought out the clarity, so everyone could enjoy them. KUDOS!!

You may use my email as a testimonial, if you wish.

Again, thank you for your past performance and the future endeavor.

Brad Littlefield
Tumwater, WA
I just got my transfers back and I just wanted to say Thanks for a great job. The Dvd looks better than the original. My whole family will be delighted. Thanks!
Eric Thoman
I received my video transfers today and I truly impressed with the way you do business. Over the holidays, I did not expect such rapid service.

I am very please with the quality of my DVDs, the professional way your business operates.

Please don't hesitate to use me as a reference of ONE SATISFIED CUSTOMER if anyone wants to know how others feel about work done by Integrated Imaging!

Thanks again.
Doug Zepp
Pensacola, FL
Leon Letter

I got my DVD's yesterday. They look great! Thanks for the prompt and professional service. I hope to send another 100 reels to you in the next week or two. First I have to screen them for my parents and decide which format we want the rest to have.

I want to do some editing with these videos. What are the technical differences between the "master" and the other DVD format. Is there an editing software that you would recommend? How would you recommend most easily capturing still shots? What is the layman's name for the digital format that these are saved in?

  Don Ruxxxxxx
Tallahassee, Florida
Received my new DVD's and tapes. Thank you so much!!! I can't believe how fast you processed them! I had hoped to be able to take the DVD's to my parents, but didn't think you all would have them done in time. Yippee!! Great service and the DVDs are well done.

Will definitely use your company again and recommend you to others!

Thanks again!

Thanks for the prompt and professional service. The quality is excellent.
I am sending you more film today.
Eddyline Kayaks
Burlington, WA
Man, you guys are quick! The videos are back already! And what a great job you did with them! Thanks so much.
Holly Sher
Once again we would like to thank you for another PERFECT JOB!!!!!!!

we received the package today and enjoyed every second.

          Thank you the Manrique Family

Thank you. You did a great job editing our family films, and we appreciated the quick-turnaround, especially during the holidays. Members of my family will be thrilled with the results. We expect to send you more films in the future.

Have a Merry Christmas!

Christine Moore Green
The video is great and brought back a bunch of great memories. Thank you so much.

The Manrique Family

PS I have about 30-40 small reels that I have not put on the 7" reels would it be easier to send the small reels or splice them on the 7" reels.

Once again thanks for a GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!
Hello Ken:
Just to let you know that we received the DVD's from our 8mm film and the quality was excellent. You guys really did a great job! My wife is interested in an aditional copy. How much would another DVD copy cost? To make a DVD copy, would you need the DVD or the mini-DVD returned? Also, if we wanted music added (your choice) how much extra would that be? Please let me know.
Mario E. Cainas
Tampa, Florida
Received the DVD and films late yesterday. Dave and I watched it this a.m. THEY ARE WONDERFUL!
We are sending eleven more reels via UPS today.
.......thank you, thank you, thank you!
Chandler, Arizona
I just wanted to let you guys know that I just received back the Super 8 movies I sent to be transferred onto a DVD. The results are spectacular!! You guys did a tremendous job on this stuff.

I sent a few reels to a local film store as well just to see if there was any difference, and the difference in quality is very noticeable.

I wanted to thank you for the great job and let you know that I'll be sending about 25 additional 300 ft reels in the near future.

Thanks again.

Mr. Caratzola
Dear Integrated Imaging,

I have to let you know how thrilled I am with the transfer of my Dad's old 16mm and 8mm home movies!! They are a treat to watch..You will get plenty of referrals from me! You did a fantastic job and fast too!! Thank you so much.

   Carol Foley
   Bellingham, MA
Congratulations and thank you! The work you did on the "Modular Revolution" film was extraordinary. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your attention to detail.

Len G.
We just sent you another 15 rolls of old movie tape for conversion to Digital 8 tape.

Your previous job looked very good.

Thanks again.
Beverly Skalisky
Absolutely fantastic work!!! Kudos on your efforts and results. Your quick turnaround meant alot to me and I will pass on your name to all my friends and associates in the biz!

Jack Slomovits
Jack Slomovits Photographs
New York City
Hi Ken,

I just received the transferred films. It all looks amazing -- thanks to you, first time I ever saw my grand mother! And some vivid images of the liberation of Paris...

I guess you can go ahead and ship back the originals at your convenience. Again, thank you very much -- I will keep your contact information on file, for any friends who need excellent service and great value.

Best Regards,

I received the video transfer of my films last weekend, and I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a good job. I was especially pleased and surprised that you color-corrected one of the films. The film was tinted pink during the original processing back in 1984 and I have NEVER seen it with proper coloration--until now.

Thanks a lot for the speedy and excellent service.

-David Ellis
North Carolina
I just received my Mastered DVD's of my family's home videos and we LOVE them. Thank you. Now several of my family members want copies too. Do I have to send the original back to you or do you have the film stored on your computer? How much would it cost to make 2 more copies of each of the 3 DVD's?
    Thank you,
    Michelle Friedman
    Monroe, NJ

Thank you for transferring our super 8 movies to dvd. The look on my wife's face when she opened our dvds was priceless. My kids said it was the best gift they have ever seen and can be enjoyed forever.

Thank you for the great job and for preserving our memories!

Alan Anderson
Greenvalley, AZ
To whom it may concern:
Just a quick note to say thanks for doing a wonderful job on the transfer of my film. Unfortunately, it's pretty rare these days to find folks who actually perform (and bill, for that matter) what they've promised. So, congrats on being one of the good guys....keep up the nice work.
Jeff Karsh
You folks have been great to deal with. You'll definitely see more of our business.

Again, thanks.


You did a great job with my previous order. The remainder of the film (11 200' reels and 20 50' reels) was shipped today via USPS. Should arrive on Thursday. Please let me know when it does.


Angelo Micheletti
My next door neighbor (Dave Klaus) recently had some film transfered by you and he (and I) were very pleased with the results. As such I've catalogued my film and have in excess of 6,000 feet of 8mm footage (primarily). I've noticed however that your prices have gone up to 12 cents from 10. Given the amount of footage can we work any sort of package or discount? I'm looking to transfer from film to miniDV.

Thanks in advance
Integrated Imaging,

I have received the DV tape from our 8mm film conversion. I am pleased with the conversion. I am going to be submitting some additional 8mm film for conversion. I was just checking to see if I also can supply the DV tape this time. I have a number of them around that can be used. Is this possible?


Jim Olney
I have a bunch of regular 8mm movies which I want to have transferred probably to DVDs. I will need to edit the movies by loading them into Adobe Premiere 6.5 and rearrange sequence, add voiceover, etc. What do you recommend doing with my 8mm movies to make this possible with minimum 'fuss'? Do you do files that can be transferred directly to Premiere? I have about 2000 ft of film dating back to 1954 and it needs some work on my part. You suggestions would be appreciated.

By the way I got your URL from a friend who has done business with you and is very pleased with your service.

Bob Feutz
Hi Carli:

You may remember that I recently sent a 400 ft. roll of 8mm film to be copied to VHS and I was troubled by the cost when compared to work you had done for me last year. At any rate, you were kind enough to make adjustments in my favor and I appreciated that.

I have all of my 8mm copied and your firm has done about half of the reels. I finally got around to viewing this latest copy and I wanted you to know that it is just great. You have brought my old film back to life. This was a "re-do" of a reel I had previously copied thru a local camera shop, and your work is absolutely the best, hands down. The color, contrast and clarity are far superior to other copies I have had made.

So while I regret that prices have had to change, I am sure that eventually I will have you "re-do" several more reels.

Just wanted to let you know that I am still a fan.

Bill Permer
Ft. Collins, CO
Received the DVD today in good shape...we viewed the DVD and they look
better then we expected. We thank you for your time. We will be sending
more film in the near future.

The Stewart Burke's
Front Royal, VA
Murray Letter
Thank you very much for the prompt and excellent service. I was most impressed by the rapid turn-around of my super 8's to VHS and Digital-8 formats. I am sending more film and have recommended your service to several of my friends and relatives.

Good job!

Jim Xxxxxxxx MD
San Antonio, TX
I received the film to miniDV I ordered and I am very pleased!! I will be sending two more 16mm films, one 400 feet and one 100 feet. I have printed out the form from your web site and will include it with the films.
Thanks again.
Jerry Toman
Green River, WY
I wanted to thank you for the excellent job you did formulating our family video. You did a beautiful job, even with the most difficult of our photos. Our party is on Sunday and I know that because of your fine expertise, this video will be the high point of our celebration and will truly be a memorable treasure for a lifetime. God bless you and your staff.
Barstow, CA
Hi - Jim Kar.... here -

I just received my package of 8 mm film transfer to video and opened it with great expectations - I watched only the first few minutes and I am happy to report that this is marvelous!!!! I want to thank you folks because I know what this is going to mean to my mom who turned 87 two days ago. If the rest of the tapes appear as the first few minutes it means only one thing I'M BACK IN THE WILL!!!!!! Again thanks very much for your service and future service!!

Just thought I'd let you know my transferred film and video arrived Saturday, and it looks GREAT! I can't thank you enough for this- I am making DVDs for Christmas presents. I have some more stuff to transfer, and know where to send it now!

Thanks again!

Mark Fagerburg
Richmond, VA
Received tapes, DVD and VHS today and am very pleasantly surprised. You will hear from me shortly with more 8 mm tapes. Thanks for the excellent work and fast turn around You were my second try and you came in so far ahead of the initial try there is really no comparison. I know the tapes were getting bad but you managed to get 25 minutes versus 10 minutes of the first try.
Joe Z.
Duncanville, TX
My film and new video transfer DVD's arrived in fine shape. I am very pleased with the result and would use your service again and recommend it to others. Thanks.

Gary Dunks
Jones Letter
I just wanted to write and thank you for doing such a wonderful job on my transfer to video. It truly is wonderful and I can't wait to give it as christmas gifts this year. I have some friends who are interested in doing the same, and I will highly recommend you!! Thanks Again.

Michelle Smith
it's been a month or so since I got the tapes back with the 8mm films I sent you for conversion. It' took that long for me to crawl into the attic and find my super-vhs recorder in order to play back the tapes..... But WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! I have to state right here that your company's handling and processing of these films, some dating back to 1942!!,Was exemplary! Although some were just barely watchable due to emulsion fade after all these years, no fault of yours, that was to be expected for a few of the films, what your process pulled out of these old 8mm worn and faded films is literally incredible!! The color correction to most of the color films made them seem like they were shot yesterday, even though they dated back to the mid 40's. No mean feat!! And the transfer to Super Vhs was flawless! My heartfelt thanks to all of you and your technicians on a job very well done!!

Gerard Masters
I received your transfer of our old Standard and Super 8 movies to DV tape. It looks great. The clarity and color is vastly better than the VHS transfer we had done some years ago. I will recommend your service to others.
Thank you!

Ron Hirsch

WOW! I received my four Digital8 tapes of 3500 feet of film transfer job. The focus is great and color is just fantastic even on those old 8mm films from the 1940s. This was my third job-set you have done for me and the work has really been nice. I previously tried submitting samples for film transfer to two different local Professional companies here in Cincinnati who have been in the business for twenty years and the results were disappointing, i.e., poor focus and clarity, uneven lighting of frames, washed out color, and significantly more jitter in the motion. I will be submitting another set of work sometime soon. What is it that sets your process apart? Also, I'm curious, was the Super 8 format inferior to regular 8.....it just seems like regular 8 mm has fewer bouts of jitter and better color saturation. From the last set of video transfers I was able to produce two hour-long DVDs of memories from the 50s-70s adding background tracks of my families' favorite tunes from those time periods. We watched these at a recent family reunion. It really was special, and I want to thanks you guys again for your creative work.


Jeffrey Adams
Amelia, OH
Berdos Letter
    Yesterday, I received my 16 canisters of film and the transfer materials (Mini DVs and VHS tapes) as promised. I am impressed with your professional handling of this entire transaction, from your Internet site right through the entire process and ultimate return of the film along with the finished tapes.
      I have since had the opportunity to view about half of the almost 4,000 feet I had transferred and was delightfully surprised: The quality is far better than anything I expected for an end result. The images on the screen challenge those being received on cable TV. Thanks for a job well done.

Bob Burke
On behalf of my entire family I would like to thank you for what you do. you really make memories "come alive".

We were very concerned about entrusting someone with very old and precious film. There were reels of video from several past generations that were absolutely irreplaceable. Your care and consideration was greatly appreciated, thank you.

Because of the age of the 8mm and 16mm film, we were unable to view them on projectors. Without your equipment and skills to convert them to DVD, I'm afraid they would have been lost forever.

I can't begin to describe the joy these DVDs have brought our family.

Thank you!


The Barbosa Family
I have been burned twice by hopelessly inadequate transfers, lost sound, and long waits. I was about to give up.

I decided to search the web one more time. I found your site and it read like you you guys knew what you were doing. I sent a simple 8 mm reel as a test.

Zap, it came back and the quality was superb.

Next I sent a few super 8 sound reels. Once again, quick turn-around and beautiful results. The miniDV carts are well marked and the packaging would survive a 10 story drop.

I am now compiling a huge bundle to send. I trust you guys.

B. Bogusky

I am so glad I read the article in the NY TIMES that talked about you.......we feel our "LIFE" is in good hands and there will be more to send as we get them all together.We are very excited to have found you and thank you for your
help.....sincerely, Gary and Landa
I just got the DVDs. I cannot believe what you were able to do. They look better than they used to (or I am just getting older). The wedding pictures from 1946 leap off the screen.

I am impressed beyond belief.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now, I will be sending you OUR videos for the same treatment in the near future.

Dr. Zwelling

Dear Ken:

Just a note to thank you and your colleagues for all of your help in transfering old family movies to digital 8 and VHS formats. The transfers and the original film arrived here well packed an intact. And the results were far better than I anticipated or expected. While the project has proved that my grandfather was no D. W. Griffith, the footage recovered and preserved contains many images of family members who are no longer with us, and there are many pleasant and interesting surprises in the content. Much of the footage is from the Great Depression, and the content choices and attitude of the cinemagrapher are a story in themselves: a reflection of that basic optimisim and affection for family that is pecularly American and refreshing to this member of the Me Generation!! Prior to my first viewing, no one had seen these images for over 50 years!! Now, I have to transfer all of this into the computer in DV format, as I have siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and parents who are very interested in having access to the material!!

So, thanks again to each of your colleagues who handled this project with such care and attention to detail!

James A. W.
Winchester, MA
Hi Ken,

I received the sample tape from you and it's the best I have seen. I have shipped two boxes of movie film to you via UPS ground.


Bob Paff
Boca Raton, FL
Thank you for the "INCREDIBLY PROMPT" response to my order. Wow!

Thanks again!

S. Lewis
Milwaukee, WI
By the way, I have gone over all of the footage and must say that I am very happy with the MiniDV tapes of the film that I sent to you. Also, thank you for doing it quickly and for packaging everything up so that I could understand what was what.

good work

Hi -

I just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did with our family videos a couple of weeks ago. We were very concerned since some of the film was 50 years old as to how it would transfer and you did a great job! Thanks again and we'll be sending you more films in the coming months.

Happy New Year!

Glenview, IL
Mervis Letter
You are far more professional than that crew down in San Diego, and while it has been 25 yrs since I rolled thru Casper on a camping trip... I always loved the town, but always was rushing towards the Tetons....


P. Mitchel
San Diego, CA
Thank YOU!!!! Very pleased with your service--will recommend it to anyone who is looking to transfer old 8 millimeter movies to digital.

Pamela H.
Law Offices of Pamela H.
Chicago IL
Just wanted to thank you for the timely and terrific job you did in transferring old 8mm video to MiniDV. I have found more film at home, and will be sending it to you shortly to get transferred.

J. Belczyk
Got back my films and the VHS tape. It turned out great
My parents were so happy to get see them again
Thanks so much
I just received my video of some (15) reels of 8mm film you transferred for me. The quality of the video compared to the old film is fantastic!!!!! Thanks for a great job and prompt service.

Trenton, N.J.
Keegan Letter

What a great transfer of 8mm!! Thanks so much for the great quality. Finally, someone does it right!! If I want to make more DVD copies, can I send the 2 master DVDs to you and have them done? Also, is the music only on the copies or is it also embedded in the master DVDs (and DV)?


Several weeks ago you transferred some regular 8 and super 8 film to MiniDV tape and to a DVD disc. The result is superb. I sent film to two other labs: New Jersey and Florida. Other labs' work is a contrast, not a comparison.

Pensacola, FL

About 3 months ago you did a transfer job from Super 8mm and 16mm to DV. I was pleased with your service and turn around. I now have another order ready to send out to you via Fed Ex (approximately 6200 feet of 8mm to DV.) My question to you is if you accept my DV stock for the transfer? (I have a pile of new DV stock I'd like to use.) Please let me know. Thanks again for the great service,

The film transfers arrived. You guys did a great job. I am amazed at how good everything looks on a 36 inch TV. The color prints are excellent.

By the way, Ken, do you guys do slide scanning? I have quite a few slides that I would like to have scanned in and saved to a JPEG file and put on CD or DVR. I've been thinking about buying a slide scanner, but after the great job you did on the first batch of 8mm video, I'm wondering if you can handle my slide project as well.


Morin Letter

I can't thank you enough for the excellent service that you and your team have given us on this project. The final product looks great. Rest assured that I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone seeking such a professional service.

b. regards
Hong Kong
Hi, I just wanted to let you know I've transferred all of the reels from the DV tape to Adobe Premiere, and man, do they look good. That direct project to the CCD method does give a wonderful transfer, bright and very clear (looks just like the film).

I'm putting together the next batch of film to send up, you should see it early/mid next week. Just Email me the job info as usual when you get the film.
Dear Ken:

A couple of months ago you did a wonderful video transfer for me with the Curlee family DVD. You transferred the film to DVD and also made a copy on DV tape for me.


I just want to thank you for restoring my old films. They came out great-especially considering their condition! I also appreciate the refund of the extra money that I had sent. I plan to send you another batch of films by fall.


Sandstone, WV
Sheryl letter

Received transfer and viewed yesterday...you folks did an outstanding job!

Thank you and the staff at your company.

Sherman & Reilly, Inc.

Excellent job on the film transfer. Thanks!!!

Howdy Ken,

About 3 months ago you did a transfer job from Super 8mm and 16mm to DV. I was pleased with your service and turn around.

Scott Goldman